Design & Project Execution

Over the Past Decade, Gazebo Industries Ltd and our Associates has Worked Extensively all Over India and Africa for Design, Feasibility Study and Execution of Various Railway Projects.

Some of our African Projects:

Turnouts Design, Manufacturing and Installation in Mozambique for a World Bank Funded Project.

Design and Detailed plans of Sidings for Various Projects for Kenya Railway/RVR /Private Companies in Kenya.

Design, Manufacturing of Supply of Track Fittings of Both Concrete& Steel Sleepers for SNCC in DRC.

Design, Manufacturing of Supply of Track Fittings of Concrete, Wooden & Steel Sleepers for CFM in Mozambique.

Detailed Project Report submitted for Rehabilitation of Concrete Sleeper Factory in Tanzania and Mozambique.

List of Services:
  • Initial Survey and Feasibility Study
  • Reconnaissance Survey and Development of Route Conceptual Plan.
  • Preparation of Feasibility Report.
  • Detailed Project Report and Detailed Engineering
  • Preliminary Engineering, Traffic Survey and Assessment of Traffic Volumes Identification of Technically and Economically Viable Route/Alignment.
  • Design of Alignment, Junction Arrangements at Stations and In-plant Yard Layouts.
  • Final Location Survey of the Selected Alignment.
  • Preparation of Detailed Working Drawings including Scale Plans, L-Sections etc. Preparation of Signaling and OHE/General Electrical Schemes.
  • Preparation of Detailed Cost Estimates.
  • Preparing Working Drawings for Bridges, Structures, Signaling, OHE etc. Obtaining Approvals from Railways.
  • Detailed Designs of all Components of Bridges/Viaducts/Stations/Other Utilities.
  • Preparation of GADs & Working Drawings and Obtaining Approvals.
  • Execution of Project
  • Providing a Work Plan for Construction Activities and Ensure Strict Adherence to same.
  • Preparing & Taking Railway Section wise Approval of Construction of 'As - Built' Drawings.
  • Final Approval from Railways of Quality of Work Done.
  • Study, Assessment and Review of Existing Bridge Structures. © 2016 All rights reserved.
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